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148 comments on “Welcome to Paalam 52 Week Free Webcast Project

  1. Balakrishnan.R.

    It will nice if the artists names are shown periodically during the course of the concert.

    another delightful evening programme.

    no words to show our gratitude for your service


  2. Sivakameswar

    How the internet is able connect people as never before.Thank you for the great service.We wish all the best to continue .

  3. Jayashree.Jayaraman

    I am thrilled.. This service will fetch manasara asheerwadham of senior citizens as they can comfortably enjoy sitting at home and not troyble youngsters to take them drop them back etc.Thanks. But how aree we to know your telecasting time sir,.I heard about this just today when my brother dgp s ramani gave me an smsm. Any way god bless you

  4. Narayanan Ramesh

    Dear Mr.Bhaskar/Mrs.Radha,
    My sincere thanks to you both for the webcast of the music season’s talent promotion conerts in Palam.. Now in Gurgaon, on a Saturday in late Dec (you’re aware of the severe cold weather in Delhi now), I’m enjoying the concerts in my Samsung mobile…. Crystal clear recording, excellent sound quality. .. good singing ably supported by accompanying artistes, very enjoyable indeed… I am missing the season in Chennai but you have compensated me partly and definitely in this week end with the concerts. ..my compliments and thanks again. …

  5. Muthu Aiyer

    For those who are retired and got arrested at home due to their old age weak health they may find it very difficult to go out. Under that circumstances this is a boon for them. It applies to me too. Thank you for this novel, noble and useful service.

  6. Padmini Sundaram

    A wonderful Diwali packed with wealth of information from a stalwart.A BigThanks to Dr Radha Bhaskar.My sincere prayers and best wishes

  7. srsundaram

    Wish the program and webcast continues on 24x7x365, though it may not be practically feasible. For the larger population of music lovers the interviews at least should be uploaded in you tube so to say” Loka samastha Music Bhavanthu “. with the consent of the artists.


    Thank you for the excellent Deepavali Gift you have given to rasikas all over the globe. WE are watching the webcast with intense. The audio and video quality is very good. Continue the Good work. God will be with you in all your endeavours.

  9. Ramkumar, Houston

    A marathon effort by Paalam – kudos to you! I am watching the interview of Sivaraman sir. What a fund of information he has shared. His expression is truly excellent !

  10. Samyuktha, Mumbai

    Just now, I saw the details about your Music Appreciation Programme which is truly of great benefit to rasikas to upgrade their music knowledge. This is the need of the hour. Where can I get further details about this course? I would like to join.

  11. R.Seetharaman, Bangalore

    I am a senior citizen and can’t go out to sabhas to listen to concerts. Paalam has come as a great boon for people like me. What quality programmes that too all free to rasikas. I bless you and pray that your service continues more strongly.

  12. R.Sandhya, Singapore

    I have been watching the webcast right from morning. You have indeed provided a variety fare of programmes. I appreciate your paalam team for the great efforts you have put in. wish you all success.

  13. Jyothsana, Sydney

    Koothapiran’s ‘Unaal Mudiyum Thatha “ drama was splendid to see !!!! Thanks to paalam and wish them to show more dramas like this!!!!

  14. Content Admin

    I can see many viewers are watching this Deepavali Programme. You may be aware of the quantum of efforts which we have put in production of this deepavali project. If you could take some time to write your impressions in the comment box about the programme, it will help us to grow further.

  15. Content Admin

    PROGRAMME SCHEDULE FOR 22nd October 2014
    4.30 a.m. – Mangala Isai – Seshampatti Sivalingam-Nadaswaram
    4.54 a.m. – Mahathi
    5.06 a.m. – Paddathai on Sampradaya Bhajan(Part 2) by Udayalur Kalyanaraman
    5.44 a.m. – Bakthi Sangeet by Dr. K.Madhumohan Rao
    5.55 a.m. – Sthree Thiagaraja Pancharatnam by all women artists
    6.09 a.m. – Shashank
    6.13 a.m. – Sikkil Gurucharan
    6.26 a.m. – Light Music
    6.34 a.m. – Focus – An interview with O.S.Arun and his live concert
    7.57 a.m. – Dr.Ranganatha Sarma
    8.09 a.m. – Madurai T.N.Seshagopalan
    8.16 a.m. – Vibrations by Thiruvarur Vaidhyanathan and team
    8.38 a.m. – Violin Duet by M.Chandrasekaran and Bharathi
    10.08 a.m. – Veena by Ramana Balachandra
    10.50 a.m. – Mambalam Sisters
    10.55 a.m. – Drama: Koothapiran in UNNAL MUDIYUM THATHA by N.Rathnam
    12.41 p.m. – Madurai T.N.S.Krishna
    12.54 p.m. – Viswamohan Bhat and K.Sathyanarayana
    (Mohana Veena & Keyboard Jugalbandi)
    1.08 p.m. – Full Length Vocal Concert by Malladi Brothers
    3.55 p.m. – inauguration of Paalam Academy & Music Appreciation Programme
    (Introduction to music ) by Dr. Radha Bhaskar
    5.14 p.m. – Kanjira by Jathiswar
    5.24 p.m. – Focus – An exclusive interview & Tani Avarthanam of
    Dr.Umayalpuram K.Sivaraman
    7.21 p.m. – Jayanthi Kumaresh & Rakesh Chaurasia ( Veena and Flute Jugalbandi)
    7.33 p.m. – Dr. Pantula Rama
    7.45 p.m. – Veena by B.Kannan
    8.05 p.m. – Saketharaman
    8.23 p.m. – Saralaya Sisters
    8.28 p.m. – Thoopur Sairam
    8.32 p.m. – Sreyas Narayanun
    8.36 p.m. – Bombay Sisters
    8.44 p.m. – Mangalam and Paalam’s 2014 Marathon Deepavali Webcast ends.

    Please sit back, enjoy and write your views of this programme on the comment box provided below the player.

  16. Content Admin

    Hope you are all enjoying Paalam’s special webcast from 4 pm.
    Now Kathady Ramamurthy’s drama APPA APPAPPA is going on.
    This will be followed by
    6.40 p.m. - Focus – An interview with Violin Brothers Ganesh & Kumaresh and their live concert
    8.00 p.m. – Bhathanatyam thematic presentation by Suyanarayanamurthy
    08.15 p.m. – Full length concert by Priya Sisters
    10.25 p.m. - Saxophone Concert by Dr.Kadri Gopalnath
    10.33 p.m. - Moharsing solo by Bangalore Rajasekar
    10.37 p.m. - O.S.Thiagarajan
    10.46 p.m. – K.Gayathri
    11.00 p.m. - Yuva Sankeerthan by school children
    11.08 p.m. - Light music – A.M.Raja & P.B.S.Hits
    11.17 p.m. - Maharajapuram Ramachandran
    11.34 p.m. - Malladi Brothers
    11.45 p.m. - Gayathri Venkataraghavan
    Special programme will continue on deepavali day 22nd oct from 4.30am to 8.30pm

    1. Content Admin

      It has been announced that the deepavali special webcast is on 19th oct from 4pm to 12 midnight (IST) and 22nd Oct from 4.30 am to 8 pm.

      You get the programme only at the time of webcast. It starts at 4 pm only. You have said you have been trying and you get the error. This is for your informaton.
      Please do not miss to login at 4 pm today.
      founder, paalam

  17. boovaraga moorthy

    dear Mr. Mudra Baskar.
    i am watching the programme and really wonderful and recording is very clear. keep it up

  18. Content Admin

    Dear Viewers, We take our sincere apology for the interruption from 6.05 to 6.50pm (45 mts) due to technical snag in our server. Hence we are able to relay only 40 mts of the first prog., and the next prog. by Dhushyant Sridhar will start now. We assure you that we will take more care in future.

  19. R.K.Ramachandran

    I am really stunned by the performance of the virugampakkam school children. The child sitting in the front row singing the birhas and sangathis effortlessly.the child sitting in the backrow right is dancing nicely .It is a treat to watch The Bhakthi bhava flows in each song.their teacher who trained the students deserves high appreciation.may god bless them all.

  20. Balakrishnan.R.

    What a melodious bhajan we had today!

    The Budding Mridangist and the young harmonist deserve all praise.

    The lone boy singer was excellent.

    The whole group exibhited a high dedree of musci proficiency!





  22. UKJ

    Nice concert by Bharathi Ramasubban.Very eclectic and mature singing. kudos to mudhra…..keep up the good work mudhra

  23. Shyam Sundar

    just heard the Bagesri song, soon after that followed OST singing Vathapi Ganapathim.
    i know this is the promotion for the next concert.

  24. SureshKR

    Wonderful thought and thank you so much for bringing such wonderful things right into our home. Thanks a ton.

  25. Ashok Madhav

    We are grateful to the Paalam for streamlining many programs.
    Because of time difference, we are not able to watch the program at the time of broadcast.
    It would be a big help if the programs are available at different times also
    Thank you.

  26. Lalitha Mani

    I watched and listened to the excellent trailor presentation on Niraval by Suguna Purushotham. How do I get to listen to the whole lec-dem?
    Thanking you,
    Lalitha Mani

  27. Shreyas

    thank u so much for giving us this wonderful webcast..but it would be even better if you make the webcasts available for viewing even after the live webcast…please make this possible..

    1. Content Admin

      The blank update is pertaining to today’s programme. Some time the viewers confuse by clicking on the glimpse. So we keep them blank during the webcast of the particular programme. Now you can see the same in another 10mts.

  28. maathrika

    Respected Radha Mam and bhaskar sir

    I am a student of carnatic music and your 52 week webcast series has been very useful to me. How ever there are times when I am not available during time of webcast. My kind request is that if you could make the webcast videos available for a week or a few days after the webcast to people like us. I’d be really greatful.

    Thanks in advance

  29. kalamalini

    Thanks for the drama telecast which carried good message to both elders and youngsters of present generation.

  30. Dr. Lakshmi (Canada)

    It was an excellent program. Your dedication and efforts for these precious arts are much appreciated.

  31. K Venkateswarlu




  33. Krishnababu T

    Enjoying presently Mokshamu Gaalada and week after week excellent concerts right from our Home / Office or where ever we are in! Thanks to Team Mudhra, Samudhra & Paalam!

  34. G.R.Ramakrishnan

    Your effort to bring quality music at door steps through internet is indeed commendable and a great boon for senior citizens like me who due to health and logistic reasons are unable to visit performance centers and also have to leave early half way through the concert due to transport difficulties.Pl continue with your good effort

  35. K.venkateswarlu

    I have tried to get connected to this programme yesterday through my Tablet.I could not sucessed.Please revert.Thanks

    1. Content Admin

      Sir you can view our webcast in iPhone, iPad , Android , SmartTV and also in tablet. For this you have to download Puffin Web Browser from your App Store. Puffin Web Browser supports flash files & will play the webcast. However, the quality of the video will depend on your internet connectivity.

      Download for Android :https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cloudmosa.puffinFree

      Download for Apple :https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/puffin-web-browser-free/id472937654?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D4

  36. Kalamalini

    Smt Gayathri venkataraghavan’s concert was excellent. Audio. video was clear and appreciate your efforts to bring concerts to our houses directly thro this webcast.

  37. Ramya Sankaranarayanan

    Thanks a lot for giving us an opportunity to listen to this wonderful concert by Smt Gayathri Venkatraghavan. The Karaharapriya was a real Musical treat . Your webcast is a boon for all carnatic music lovers.

  38. Anu

    Wonderful concert by Gayathri Venkatraghavan!! Thanks for bringing great music to our living rooms even though we are 1000′s of miles away…. Thank you for continuing this wonderful service to Music lovers all over the world.

  39. R.Srinivasan


  40. R. Thiagarajan (Retd. Chief PMG)

    You have embarked on a big project like this. Both of you have been working tirelessly to achieve your goal. Normally the initial enthusiasm will disappear after a certain period of time. I am happy to find that you have sustained your interest and you are marching ahead. Our hearty congratulations. Senior citizens and lay rasikas like me look forward to your paalam webcast. We wish you ALL THE BEST.

  41. A.V.Venkatesh

    We have no words to express our appreciation of the Sunday free webcast of Music & related matter. Today, we listened to the concert of Malladi brothers and, as usual, it was top class. We are Senior citizens and we are unable to attend the concerts because of logistics. Your webcast will fill that vacuum. God bless you.

  42. saroja

    Just viewed the concert of Malladi Brothers.Thanks a lot.Enjoyed it immensely.Thanks a lot. Hope to see more programs like this.

  43. Pankaj P. Ram MD;FASN

    hello from , USA,
    I sincerely appreciate broadcasting live concerts. Due to the time difference and extreme early hours , It some times very difficult to listen the broadcast live. Could ti be possible to archive the concerts make it available for 24-48 hrs? it would help world wide Carnatic enthusiasts to appreciate the music..
    thank you,

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  45. P.Narasimhann

    I am a very regular viewer of this webcast. The services are commendable. I shall be glad if you could email the details of the webcast in advance to enable to plan.
    Thanking you.

  46. mudhrabhaskar

    The programme you are going to watch today(2.2.2014) is the Music Appreciation Programme by Dr.Radha Bhaskar. To know more about this programme please click on this : http://paalam.in/music-appreciation-programme/
    This music appreciation programme we(both myself mudhra bhaskar & Dr.Radha) have been conducting for the past 8 year mainly for the general rasikas and primary level music students. This is one of our mission to elevate the listenership so that rasikas understand the system of carnatic music and enjoy the music better. We have been conducting this as 14 hours course which explains the system and content of carnatic music. We have plans to conduct monthly course both direct and online classes. Those who are interested in this can send us your willingness by email to paalamconnect@gmail.com so that we will keep in touch with you about the schedule of the course.

  47. Shanthi Mohan


    You are doing a wonderful service for techie music lovers. Keep the great work going. Our best wishes and congratulations to you.

  48. mudhra bhaskar

    I request all the paalam viewers to give your opinion and appreciation on today’s programme and also about the paalam concept of 52 week free webcast in the comment box provided below. This will be an encouragement for the artists and our paalam team. Glad to share with you that our unique visitors has crossed 5.5 lakhs as on today. We take utmost care in editing the live concert with an intention to give neat presentation and also include the name of song, raga, tala and composer for the benefit of the viewers.

      1. D. Balasubramanian

        Wonderful concert and a good Thani Avarthanam! Thanks for the webcast as many of us who could not attend in person are happy indeed!

  49. S.Sridharan

    A great and unique effort to spread cultural speciality of South India and sustaining
    Splendidly deserves kudos from those who benefit from it. The added flavour is that it
    is run by professional musicians.


    Dear sir

    It was very nice listening to carnatic music concert. I request u to continue the spirit of spreading carnatic music.
    cordially yours

  51. Raghavan

    Dear Sir,
    Very good initiative to webcast quality programs; one request: is it possible to add programs to archives so that we can watch the missed programs? In particular, the stage dramas could be saved in archives (in your website) and we could watch the missed the programs . This is because of time zone issue. (I am located in Canada)

  52. N.S.Suryanarayanan

    Thank you for telecasting 24 hours programme. We enjoyed all the items.
    It is a great service to the music lovers particularly senior citizens who are
    are unable to attend the performances.

  53. rail venkat

    Dear mudra baskar sir,
    Our sincere thanks for having given us a great opportunity to stage our drama.” Naan vediththal deepavali ” on the 24 hours non stop event ” kadambam ” on Diwali festival . We received many appreciation calls and they really enjoyed the play. Once again thank you for your excellent service to arts through paalam TV.

  54. Chandrasekaran R. Pillai

    Thank you making this Deepavali memorable with your 24 hour program. We in our area in Ohio enjoyed it. We seldon get to watch such programs except for Aradhana once a year.
    Chandrasekaran R. Pillai
    Cleveland, Ohio


    Now watching the Drama enjoying the comedy and Mr. and Mrs. Bhaskar has found great way to propagate the valuable things of culture இயல் இசை நாடகம் . பாலம் டிவி மூலம் எங்களை மகிழ்ச்சி கடலில் மூழ்கவைக்கும் உங்களுக்கு தீபாவளியுடன் கூடிய நல வாழ்த்துக்கள்.
    உங்கள் அபிமானி
    வைத்தியா ராஜசேகர் @ .v. ராஜசேகர்

  56. subramaniam

    I remember a speech by violin maestro Lalgudi Sri Jayaraman some years back in a function where he said he wished somebody would bring out an exclusive channel for carnatic music. Today, his dream has come true through Paalam. I am sure he will bless you from heaven for the yeoman service you are doing for our great fine arts! Hearty congrats !

  57. Sundar Matpadi

    Thanks for your wonderful effort. We could recreate Deepavali morning atmosphere here in US by listening to the webcast…


  58. Kalpana Mohan

    I must applaud efforts like this by Mudhra Bhaskar and others. This programming brings a bit of Chennai into our lives wherever you are in the world; they’re especially useful for my dad in Chennai who cannot get around much these days. I put the iPad on a stand and turn on these webcasts and my dad can be watching a concert from his living room.


    dear sir,
    while appreciating your initiative/motives behind this idea, it woud be helpful if could send your programmes of live webcast like this to mail-id’s instead of knowing
    through news papers, which we may missed, if not seen the paper.
    with regards
    s muralidaran
    chennai 78

    1. Content Admin

      In our 52 week free webcast of paalam, we have been requesting the viewers to register them by sending their email ID and more over every friday for the past 11 months hindu and times of india has been giving the webcast as a news item in Friday supplement. We have been sending bulk emails to thousands of rasikas before the programme. Mr.Muralidharan… please ask your friends and relatives to register their name by sending a request to paalamconnect@gmail.com. Happy Deepavali and enjoy the 24 hours webcast tomorrow.


        i am very much pleased on your immediate reply, the content of which i came to know just now.
        thank you very much.
        with regards
        s muralidaran
        chennai 78

  60. LALITHA DHARINI, Chennai

    We are excited that our play ‘Thanneer Thanneer ‘ was webcasted with a documentary on Komal and a tribute to him closer to the date he left us. (28th October).
    I received so many appreciation calls from various parts of the world, Komal’s master piece and our effort is known to a wider audience through your Paalam.
    Mudra Baskar sir, i wish your great service continue with full time programmes in Paalam TV in future.

  61. Mallikarjuna Sharma Akella

    In fact, I became aware of this excellent webcast, Paalam, only in the last week of August through ‘rasikas.org’ and been following right from the next immediate Sunday, 1st Sept., planning to continue the same for all the 52 weeks starting from Sept, 2013 to learn something from these webcasts as a sincere teacher. But, surprisingly enough, only yesterday, I came to know that this webcast is going to conclude its 52nd week on 24th Nov., 2013. By all this I can have only the remaining 13 Sundays i.e., only one-fourth of the total webcasting-period and loose three-fourths of them and felt very disgusted (now, only 5 Sundays more are left).

    As all are aware, Chennai is the centre for our Karnataka music and daily a number of music-concerts of all categories go on there maintaining the needed healthy environment for music simultaneously helping the aspirants to practically attend them and learn from them regularly. But, as a webcast covers much of our globe and if the organizers are kind enough to allot even one-fourth of these webcasts, at the least, for the educative Lec-dems and workshops on music the aspirants remaining out of Chennai will also be benefited as they, very rarely, are exposed to such kind of environment at their places.

    But, most unfortunately, most of the Chennaites are always used to bother about the performers and their listeners only but not the poor aspirants at all as they already have that kind of music environment perennially. For example, the Violin-aspirants of our Karnataka music, not only of Chennai but also of all over the globe, have already lost the invaluable finger-techniques of our legendary Violinists due to the sheer negligence and ignorance of the Channaites. Even the present webcasting also again proved that the attitude of Chennaites will not help much to the poor aspirants of our music in this respect.

    Unless the elders take enough care in properly educating and energizing our kids in music where the legendary performers come from?
    Most of all our aspirants are taught the even-Chaturashra-gati only either in respect of our Alankaras or Varnas but not the least odd-Trisra-gati at all making most of them impotents. Any individual must be able to deal with not only the even-figures but also the odd-figures equally. This applies even to music also. We all feel very proud to have thousands of performers but never feel ashamed not to have efficient and honest teachers even on finger counts. Even now it is high time to realize that many of our music-institutions or the Department of Music in many of our Universities are mostly producing impotents only by not doing the needful. I am ready to prove this at any time and place. But, unfortunately, there is not even a single person to do the needful even n respect of our own kids.

    In our music institute, Swarabhangima, at Secunderbad we have nearly 100 school-going kids and each one of them, without any exception, ably renders each one of these Alankaras both in Chaturashra and Trisra-gatis and 20 of them, who have fulfilled learning of 9 Varnas of our syllabus, can successfully render all the Varnas fully @ 4-6-8 notes per beat and 10 of them ably render all the Varnas @ 4-6-8-12-16 per beat and also demonstrate each Varna writing with symbolized Gamakas. I am not giving these details for any self-aggrandisement but with a burning heart as an honest teacher just to remind our responsibilities and duties as elders. amsharma

  62. Mallikarjuna Sharma Akella

    As all are aware, there are two kinds, performers and teachers, among musicians. Everybody who learns music always prefers to shine only as a performer and also to earn everything as much as he/she can in his/her lifetime (that is why no performer prefers to retire even after 60 years of age). Among them, the performer always strives hard in working only for self aggrandizement in all respects pleasing the listeners and getting their appreciation and earning something or the other from them (that is why most of the people bother about holding a number of Lec-dems and workshops on musical appreciation only but not on teaching methods which are very important to the aspirants). He/she always practices what he can and performs only what he can and always tries to get the rapport with the listeners only. Thus, either the performer or the listener never bothers about the teacher or the aspirant but, unfortunately, the performer resorts to teaching also only to earn when he/she doesn’t get any chances to perform in any concert.

    But, always an efficient and honest teacher truthfully serves the society sincerely feeling the responsibility of shaping the aspirant in such a way that the aspirant can face any problem at any place and time and solve it efficiently. By all this a society always needs an efficient and honest teacher only than a performer.
    Being a professional teacher, I have expected much from the webcasts of ‘Palam’ but disappointed much when I have gone through the webcast of the Svarakalpana by Dr. TS Satyavathy. She very efficiently and very nicely sang the Kalpanasvaras with Ragabhava on 1st Sept., but did not give any details of mathematical importance in singing Svarakalpana which is the major part of Svarakalpana and which is more helpful to the aspirants in acquiring the knowledge in Manodharma Sangita (in fact, last year, I had held a one-week-workshop from 7 am to 7 pm daily on Svarakalpana and Ragalapana in Kerala with reference to http://rasikas.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=19085). Surprisingly enough, nobody even commented about this even after the lapse of more than one month.
    In general, everybody is bothered mostly about the performers and the listeners but not the poor aspirants or their parents at all on whom the future of the society relies. I hope that the ‘Palam’ gives preference to these poor aspirants also in making them knowledgeable by webcasting useful Lec-dems and workshops on music in future. amsharma

    1. Content Admin

      Though we appreciate your view point, we have been very clear about our target which is the rasikas and not music students. The lec-dem by Dr.Sathyavathi was part of our conference on “Appreciating Karnatic music” and the idea of this session was to educate rasikas about the nuances of kalpana swaras. We had many more such sessions like appreciating compositions, raga alapana, niraval etc.I want to make it clear that we did not intend it to be a teaching session for the students and hence we specifically asked the speakers not to go into the technical details of the subject.
      I would also like to express that performers are equally important in the concert scenario as they are the ones who communicate the music and reach it to the people. So, their contribution cannot be underestimated. Without them, the music will remain only within the four walls – shared between the Guru and shishya and never get to reach the rasika. Earning a livelihood is a part of any profession and we cannot criticize a performer for that.Why, gurus also earn good money nowadays through teaching. They don’t do it free as an act of charity!
      Also, there is a lot of disparity in teaching methods and what is suitable for one may not be so for another. Each teacher has his own view point and as of now, we aim at only enlightening “rasikas” about the karnatic music system and elevate their listnership. In future, we may think of implementing your idea of targeting the students of music with inputs from learned Gurus like you.

  63. Vatsala Aiyer

    I am so glad I stayed back and not leave as soon as my daughter finished singing.What a great way to spend my Sunday evening listening to school children taking me to bhaktimarga and divine bliss. Time well spent!
    A big kudos to the husband and wife team who are doing a yeoman service for the Indian youth who definitely need a direction …to look into our own roots rather than ape the West.
    It was heartening to see my driver talk about how he enjoyed the day and the groupsinging.

  64. Vijay Subramanian

    Great Job by Paalam.in for frequent live webcast for Spiritual things……


    Vijay S

  65. R. Thiagarajan

    It is heartening to watch so many school children doing Nama sankeerthanam. Our heritage and culture are in the safe hands of these kids. Our appreciation and gratitude to Mudhra Bhaskar & Radha Bhaskar for their PAALAM.

    1. Content Admin

      Your idea is good, but our idea is to motivate the listener make themselves free during a particular time and watch the webcast when the web cast is done. Take for instance of a sabha’s live concert, if the rasika miss the opportunity it is gone. A seriousness has created among the rasika. There are enormous concert and bhajans are available in the net… some rasikas may think they can see when time permits but the time will never come for them to listen. Moreover, we have to see the cost for the repeat. Of course, we have plans to re-relay certain good programmes especially for those who have missed. Keep watching paalam the one and only organisation webcast programmes free of cost.

    1. Ramya Sankaranarayanan

      Thanks for giving us the wonderful opportunity to listen to all these young school artists giving their best nama sankeerthana performance! The amount of practice these children would have made for this performance is to be definitely appreciated.

  66. Ranjani Parthasarathy

    Thanks a lot for the great programs. Definitely a wonderful opportunity for all music and art lover around the world. Special thanks to all the corporate sponsors.

    1. Wg Cdr K Parameswaran (Retd)

      It is very enjoyable. Thank you. I look forward to Sunday evening every week to listen again.

      Wg Cdr k Parameswaran

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